Chinese Combination Wok

* High performance, economic and efficient
* Water cooled cook top surface
* 1.2 mm Stainless steel work top surface backed with 6 mm mild steel plate
* Easy maintenance
* All stainless steel front, splash back.
* Choice of front or back drain trough and ingredients shelf
* Alternative/combination choices of power burners available:
- Double ring 55MJ burner
- Hi Speed 98 MJ burner
- Turbo 88 MJ burner
- Three ring 130 MJ burner (only with 405 mm diameter Wok hole)
- Boiling 26 MJ Burner
* Options to combine with single or multiple boiling top/s
* Air cooled surface. Punched ring and flange in one stainless steel piece.
* Available in 330 mm or 405 mm diameter cast iron or stainless steel Wok rings
* Auto switch swivel arm spout with extendable arm
* Knee operated timer valve connected to tap for water wastage control
* Individual operated Wok burner/s
* Flame failure control device
* Adjustable feet
* Available in standard sizes or in customized sizes

Burner Types Specifications

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